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Hi all, my name is Ms Michelle Mallinson, our blog page will have information on the interesting things that we have been doing in class and also details of the fantastic trips that we go on. Our latest year group newsletter can be found under the News and Events page. There you will find the work we are planning to do this term.

Ms Michelle Mallinson

Our Blog:

Created Thursday 9th February

This term 6B have been working very hard preparing for our SATs. In literacy, we have been studying the London Eye Mysteries and were lucky enough to actually take a trip on the Eye itself. This was a really exciting experience. The weather on that day was excellent and we all enjoyed the stunning views of London. In maths, we have covered new learning as well revising what we already learnt. We have learnt how to find the circumference and area of a circle using Pi and how to find the missing angles inside a variety of polygons.


As the topic of this AFW is ‘Fit for life’, we have also been thinking about how to improve our health and fitness. We have been designing posters to promote being ‘sugar smart’ as well as thinking of fun and active games for the playground.


Class 6B

Created Monday 16th January

This term 6B have been working very hard. In our literacy lessons, we have been reading Carrie’s War, the story of a girl who was evacuated to Wales. The class have enjoyed this text a lot especially some of the funnier characters. We are currently writing a narrative based on this book, which is quite a challenge as it is quite long. In maths we have been focusing on developing out reasoning skills, and have enjoyed taking part in various maths investigations as well as solving word problems. As a class, we are becoming more confident on how to tackle challenging maths questions.

With the Winter Fair approaching fast, we have been putting our entrepreneurial skills to the test by coming up with a product to sell. As well as producing the product, each team is required to cost their product, design a company logo and produce advertising. It requires a lot of team work and the learning of new skills as well as utilizing our maths and literacy knowledge.

Year 6 Team

Created Thursday 24th November

We have made a fantastic start to the school year with all children doing their best in all their subjects. In literacy we have been reading a really interesting book, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. This learning has been supplemented by learning about World War 2 in our history lessons. In Maths, we have been working hard to learn some new Maths skills. Long division has proved tricky but most of us have succeeded with a bit of perseverance.

In the past two weeks we have been on two fantastic trips. One to Chislehurst caves and one to Kidzania. In Chislehurst caves we had the opportunity to experience total darkness and learned about what it was like to shelter there during the Blitz. During our trip to Kidzania, we were able to take part in doing a huge range of different jobs and occupations. Many of us managed to open a bank account and even become a university student.

Class 6B