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I am Ms Dominica Tickner, our blog page will have information on the interesting things that we have been doing in class and also details of the fantastic trips that we go on. Our latest year group newsletter can be found under the News and Events page. There you will find the work we are planning to do this term.

Ms Dominica Tickner

Our Blog:

Created Thursday 9th February

This half term has been very busy, especially with our writing of fables! We explored different morals behind Aesop’s fables and engaged with the telling of fables through drama and role-play. We were then able to write our own, applying our knowledge of dialogue and using animals as the main characters.

Part of our role-play


We have also been working hard in maths, especially with fractions! We have been finding fractions of numbers, finding equivalent fractions, as well as solving addition and subtraction fraction problems.

History has been really interesting as well, as we have been looking at a period of China’s history known as the Shang Dynasty. Linked with this learning, we have been finding out about Chinese cultural events such as Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. We even danced our own dragon dances during P.E!

Application Focus Week has also made us really think about how to stay healthy for our physical and emotional well-being, including what food we need to eat, how much exercise we need to take, that we need lots of sleep and also the importance of hygiene.


Class 4R

Created Monday 16th January

This half term has been very busy, especially with our writing of non-chronological reports! We had to do a lot of research about the Roman army and teeth, to really show our knowledge in a factual and structured way. We have been working really hard recently on place value and understanding decimals, learning how to divide and multiple whole and decimal numbers. We also know how important it is to know our times tables so that we can both divide and multiply quickly in our heads.

Our logical thinking skills have developed nicely during computing classes, where we have been creating computer games and learning how to code. In addition, we have improved our music skills during brass lessons this week, and were excited to be able to play along to a festive tune in our last session before the holidays. We cannot wait to get into the water each week to swim, and this enthusiasm is certainly paying off as both our confidence and swimming skills are improving weekly.

The festive season is in full swing, and we are applying our knowledge of enterprise to help prepare us for the winter fayre and the sale of our product. This includes branding, designing as well as marketing and profit research! With the build up to the holidays, we have been practising our class song and can’t wait to show parents what we have learned at the school concert.

Class 4R

Created Wednesday 30th November

Only three weeks in, and the class has been very busy with lots of learning.

In numeracy, we have been reminding ourselves about place value and using our knowledge to compare and round numbers. In literacy, we have been writing poetry and engaging with our class book - ‘Roman Invasion: A British Boy’ - through narrative-based writing, using lots of descriptive language and past tense verbs. In addition, linked to our class reading book and our history-learning, we had a really interesting workshop in the ‘time truck’ last week, where we became Archaeologists and learned about the Romans from some objects they had left behind. During our history learning, we have also been starting to learn about the Romans in Britain and the impact that they had on the people living there. We are very excited to be using Scratch during computing and are hoping to programme some fun games soon! Reading is also something that we think is extremely important and we try to find some time each day to read and discover new worlds, people and times through the pages of our reading books!

Finally, swimming classes are off to a great start! ☺

Year 4R