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Hi all, my name is Ms Amy Cordell, our blog page will have information on the interesting things that we have been doing in class and also details of the fantastic trips that we go on. Our latest year group newsletter can be found under the News and Events page. There you will find the work we are planning to do this term.

Ms Amy Cordell

Our Blog:

Created Thursday 9th February

We have been continuing to practice our times tables in class with fun games. This half term has been all about fractions – adding and subtracting fractions, finding fractions of numbers and writing fractions as decimal numbers. Fables have helped us to learn and revise some valuable morals. We practiced using speech with inverted commas correctly and wrote our own fables. Re-drafting our fables helped us to spot our own mistakes and improve. We know that great writing doesn’t just happen – it is a journey. Slow and steady wins the race…

Next half term, we will be visiting the Catford and Bromley synagogue to learn all about Judaism.


Miss Cordell & Miss Christine

Created Thursday 12th January

We love maths! We have been practicing our decimal numbers. Why don’t you ask us what happens to the number 16 when we divide it by 10 or even 100? We spent the Autumn term revising the four operations and working on methods such as the grid method and column method to solve problems. We will continue to develop these skills after the holidays, along with working on our reasoning skills. We are constantly working to improve the skill of being able to explain our maths work. Please ensure that the times tables 2 to 12 are being practiced regularly at home.

This half term we have enjoyed learning all about our teeth and the digestion system. We now know the functions of our different teeth and how our teeth are different from other animals. The knowledge we gained was reflected in our brilliant non-chronological reports all about teeth.

Congratulations for your hard work and achievements this term 4B; we are extremely proud of you. Over the holidays, we hope that you will be taking the time to read independently and also to an adult at home.


Miss Cordell & Miss Christine

Created Wednesday 30th November

It’s been a busy and exciting first half term back in year 4 and our learning is in full action.

This half term we are having so much fun exploring the Roman Empire! We have loved finding out how the Roman Empire came to power in Britain and how they imposed their ruling system. Our class book ‘My Story – Roman Invasion’ has provided us with so many opportunities for writing, including a diary account and our own story with a historical setting. We are now confident with putting fronted adverbials with commas into our writing – what an impressive skill.

In Maths, we have been practicing written methods for adding and subtracting. Why not ask us to solve 756 + 535? We are also really keen to perfect our times tables up to 12. Any help with times tables at home is really helpful to us.

In addition, we are enjoying our swimming and brass lessons!


Class 4B