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Welcome to our- the Parents of GGLV Federation, blog. Read articles on anything from parenting support to arts & crafts, events to food & cooking and any other experiences we feel you will find interesting and useful.


Thanks for your help!!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped with the Winter Balls in February. It was a fantastic success.

You can view pictures from the event on our gallery page

Friends of Lucas Vale

Welcome to the Parent Blog for 2016-17!

We have many events coming up including a training course run by Clyde Children’s Centre called Raising Boys. This is a 5 week course for mothers/carers with boys under 5. Upcoming events also include the Winter Fair and Multi-Cultural Evening which is on 20 October 2016 – please see the Recent News page for further information.

Please remember that our Coffee Mornings are on Wed 9.00am-10.00am in the Dario Hall.

Friends of Lucas Vale

Created Tuesday 31st February

Coffee Morning Candles

Created Friday 21st October

Necla is a parent of a Year 2 pupil. She visited the coffee morning on the 12 October 2015, to show us her lovely handmade gel candles. They are made by herself and her partner - objects are placed in different style glasses with different coloured gels added on top to create an amazing style of candles. They are beautiful designs to put in homes or gifts for family and friends and are sold in Greenwich Market.

Food Stories Exhibition

Created Wednesday 8th June

GGLV Parents and children took part in an austerity research project to find out where their food influences came from, how much they spent on food bills, type of food they ate and their thoughts related to food. It culminated on 24 May 2016 with an exhibition that included a bbq and wine reception held at Goldsmiths University of London, where all the contributions were displayed.

Food stories from Lucas Vale in collaboration with Goldsmiths University – Coffee Morning

Created Thursday 19th May

On the 4 May parents came to prepare traditional dishes from their countries. They included Caribbean Chicken Curry and West African Yam Porridge. Ingredients were provided by our guest speakers from Goldsmiths University - Gabriela Nicolescu and Dominique Santos. This was followed by a discussion on traditional family recipes.

Country Trust Parent Cooking Session

Created Wednesday 10th March

On Wednesday 9 March Country Trust took over the Coffee Morning with a Parent Cooking Session. 15 Parents came to learn about a healthy balanced diet. They prepared and cooked Vegetable Couscous and everyone took some to take home.

A BIG Thank You!

Created Wednesday 24th February

To all members of Staff, Parent Volunteers and School Advocates who helped to make the Winter Ball a HUGE success!!
Get ready for the next big event, the Summer Fair!.

Tina Harracksingh- Head of School
Friends of Lucas Vale (Meetings Tuesday 9:00am!)

Nordic Walking

Created Monday 8th February

If you are feeling lethargic, start off the New Year with a new boost of energy with Nordic Walking (Lewisham) UK, a health and fitness programme, free to people who live in the Borough of Lewisham. Nordic Walking representative Laura http://brockleynordicwalking.com/ came in on January 27 2016 to show our parents what it was all about! This was a fun way to get active and engage with other parents. The parents enjoyed the demonstration and were very interested in the weekend sessions.

Winter Fair

Created Friday 5th February

The winter fair took place on 11 December 2015 and was a huge success, we raised £683.17! Thank you to all those that helped in making this a great event! Get ready for the Winter Ball on the 12 February 2016.

Thank You!

Created Friday 2nd October

The Friends of Lucas Vale received a surprise thank you gift on the 16 September from our Executive Head Cynthia Eubanks. For all their dedication and ongoing support for Lucas Vale events.

Welcome to our Parent Blog!

Created Monday 28th September

Dear Parents/Carers,
On behalf of Friends of Lucas Vale Primary School I would like to welcome you all to our parent blog 2015 - 2016.

I am sure you can all feel the excitement and drive around the school, the inspection by Ofsted at the end of the summer term resulted in Lucas Vale being rated as OUTSTANDING!

As parents/carers we recognise that this level of achievement didn't come without total dedication and hard work so we thank everyone involved in the process from ALL the staff, pupils, parents/carers and external supporters of our school.

The bar has been raised and we will continue on this path of achievement and success into the foreseeable future.

Friends of Lucas Vale Primary School is open to all parents and carers. Please feel free to drop in on Wednesday at 9am, you will find us in the Dario Hall. Pop in for coffee/tea and get to experience Lucas Vale from a different perspective.

Hope to see you at our meetings we are open to any ideas that improve the school in every other way. We are about contributing to our school and creating a real positive image that not only Lucas Vale can appreciate but also around our community that we are a part of.

We would like to thank the school for providing us with this opportunity to broadcast our activities on its website.

Friends of Lucas Vale

Come to our Coffee Mornings!

Created Thursday 14th May

Come along to our coffee mornings. It is a fantastic chance to take the weight off your feet, meet other parents, and share ideas over a cup of tea or coffee! The coffee morning also offers  a number of workshops to help parents in supporting their child's learning at home. You can download a pdf to see past workshops here.

Friends of Lucas Vale

Our 1st Head Teacher Open Forum

Created Friday 27th January

The forum meeting was very productive thanks to the parents and the heads of school. Parents had a chance to contribute their ideas about school improvements. They were glad to know that the heads of school took parental involvement very seriously and worked hard to establish a good relationship with them. Head

Teacher Open Forum Every 2nd Wednesday of the month 9 – 10am

Lucas Vale Winter Ball

Created Friday 27th January

It was an evening of music, dancing and cheer, bringing together parents, members of staff and children. Everyone had a fantastic night! It was a great success thanks to the hard work from Friends of Lucas Vale, teachers and DJ Scooby. Enthusiastic thumbs up for Mr Plumber, great entertainment!

Working Together For Our Children

Created Friday 27th January

We are proud to have a Federation where parents from both schools work together to improve both schools and provide fund raising and social events promoting a strong sense of community.

The ABC of Managing Your Money Workshop

Created Friday 25th January

Thanks to Andrea and Beverley for such an excellent workshop. The group had a lot of fun learning about saving strategies, spending priorities, and how to make a spending plan. We look forward to seeing them again soon.

Michelle Yaa Asantewa’s Workshop

Created Wednesday 25th January

On Wednesday 14 January, parents at the Coffee morning were fortunate enough to meet Michelle Yaa Asantewa, a novelist. Michelle entertained everyone with anecdotes about why she first became a writer, what her influences were and what advice she would give to those who wanted to start writing. Michelle gave us an insight into her personal journey; the things that she said really inspired us to be a better person and to follow our dreams. Listening to Michelle reading extracts of her just-published novel Elijah and The Awakening and other poems felt like pure pleasure. Thanks to Michelle for coming and talking to us about her writing. Her strength and courage has been an inspiration to so many parents!

Winter Fair – A Great Success

Created Wednesday 25th January

This year’s Winter Fair was a huge success! Everyone enjoyed the event. Members of staff, pupils and the Friends of Lucas Vale ran stalls and stands raising money for the school. The Winter Fair would not be possible without the incredible volunteer effort from the entire school community. Its success is a testament to the strength of our community! Father Christmas was kept very busy in his magical Grotto. Thanks to Santa for taking the time to come to our school.

Cake Decoration Workshop with Nadia

Created Friday 25th January

Thanks to Nadia for her most enjoyable cake decoration workshop. We all appreciate that Nadia worked very hard to ensure that we gained the most from the workshop. We were absolutely thrilled with our decorated cake and felt that we learnt so many things.

We Need You!

Created Wednesday 26th November

Our Winter Fair run by the Friends of Lucas Vale is fast approaching – any help you offer is greatly appreciated. The school winter fair will take place on Friday 12th December.

Children in Need

Created Wednesday 26th November

On Friday 14 November the children and teachers dressed up as their favourite superhero and donated £1 to raise money for children in need. It was a great success!

Year 3 children Pack Tesco Bags and Raise Money for the School Summer Fair

Created Wednesday 26th November

The Coffee Morning is every Wednesday from 9 to 10am in the Dario Hall. We meet to socialise, discuss ideas and school community issues. We also plan fundraising activities and events for the school.

“What the Most Successful People Do before Breakfast” presented by Victor

Created Wednesday 26th November

A huge thank you to Victor for his motivational talk on the 12th November – it was very inspiring. Parents gained lots of ideas of how to make better use of time.

Carnival Preparations!

Created Monday 19th May

The GGLV Carnival will take place on Friday 18th July.
Carnival preparations are well under way – any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. .

With Carnival fast approaching there is still lots to do. Parents have been busy learning about carnival and getting ideas together.  This will however leave us a little short on costume preparation time. So we are asking for more parents helpers for costume preparation and to help children in doing carnival crafts.

The children really love to have parents, grandparents, and loved ones come visit their school, showing additional support through actual face-to-face interactions. This special occasion provides families with the opportunity to celebrate fun
times together.

Summer Fair Success!

Created Monday 19th May

The playground was packed full with people enjoying the lovely sunshine, delicious food and exciting games.  
Success came from sponsorship and getting everyone from pupils, parent and staff all involved for the common purpose of raising much needed money to make a difference to school life for the children.
We raised a phenomenal amount of money - well done to all of us!

Following our successful Summer Fair, planning for Winter Fair has already begun.

Hey Guys!

Created Monday 19th May

Great news, the Friends of Lucas Vale just got a lovely banner for the annual summer fair. It is very massive, colourful and bright.
Hope to see you there!!!  Victor.

Year 3 children Pack Tesco Bags and Raise Money for the School Summer Fair

Created Monday 14th July

Katra did a fantastic job organising a charity bag packing day on Friday 26th June at the local Tesco.
The children spent an hour at the store, packing customers’ bags to raise money. They had a great time talking to shoppers and giving them a helping hand with their grocery shopping. Kids managed to raise an impressive £116 on the day.

Friends of Lucas Vale Committe

Created Friday 11th July

Participation is the one word that best summarises the Friends at our school. Friends of Lucas Vale have a wonderful opportunity to meet other members of our school community for social and fundraising activities. It is also an excellent way for all parents to play an active role in the development of the school for their children.

Parents & Friends Association Executive Committee:

  • Chairman: Von Da Cruz
  • Vice-chair: Birben Guzel
  • Treasurer: Katra Barreh
  • Secretary: Janine Arthur


Do schools kill creativity? Not at Lucas Vale Primary!

Created Friday 11th July

A huge that you to Miss Jenny for the 'Home Learning' workshop and Miss Florida for the E-Safety Workshop on the 18th June -what a great success it was!

Thanks to the 'Home learning workshop', parents were able to gain a better understanding of how children learn, how to support learning at home, and how can they encourage children to play imaginatively and creatively. We enjoyed the fantastic display of children's learning logs and art works. It was a stunning display, very much appreciated by everyone who saw it. The art works were proof that getting creative didn't need to cost a penny. Some children were invited to talk about their works. All the children were articulate and enthusiastic about their works. Parents were so proud of them.

The E-Safety Workshop helped parents to keep their children safe when using the internet. Many parents who attended the e-safety workshop found it informative and a real eye opener.

Walk to School Day

Created Friday 11th July

Walk to school day was a big success. We had over 200 walkers. Parents helped with refreshment and walked with the children.

All hands dig in for garden

Created Monday 19th May

Together they helped to set up an allotment area around the nursery.
The area will be used for pupils to grow their own fruit and vegetables, and to plant flowers and shrubs.
Volunteers spent the morning sprucing up the school’s grounds ready for the summer and nice weather.

Children as young as three joined in to plant seedlings, seeds and a few flowers. Earthworms also contributed to the gardening day by breaking down organic materials and returning nutrients to the soil.

Coffee Morning

Created Monday 19th May

Come along to our coffee mornings. It is a fantastic chance to take the weight off your feet, meet other parents, and share ideas over a cup of tea or coffee! The coffee morning also offers  a number of workshops to help parents in supporting their child's learning at home.

Everyone is very welcome!!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Friends of Lucas Vale

Congratulations! We have three new Parent Governors!

Created Tuesday 25th April

Our three new Parent Governors are:

  • Sharifa Marshal- Grinling Gibbons
  • Amanda Martin- Grinling Gibbons
  • Rochelle George- Lucas Vale

Thank you for your votes.