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Welcome to Year 5B



Hi my name is Vanessa Deol, our blog page will have information on the interesting things that we have been doing in class and also details of the fantastic trips that we go on. Our latest year group newsletter can be found under the News and Events page. There you will find the work we are planning to do this term.

Vanessa Deol

Our Blog:

Created Monday 16th January

On Friday the 9th of December the whole school did an anti –bullying showcase. All classes did something to promote our message of anti-bullying, for example, there was also a play, songs and an original rap. The weeks leading up to AFW Year 5 made key-rings to sell and make money for bullying awareness-we did this so people can feel safe and to promote our views on bullying.

In class 5B we have learned about different topics. For example in English we are learning on how to write a story, in maths we are learning how to apply the four strategies (add, subtract, multiply and divide)to problems. In geography, we have been exploring Scandinavia. Each group had a topic for example Ula, Hope, Dat, Christopher and Romoy are working on Denmark writing a persuasive letter on having an eco-friendly and sustainable country.

Other exciting events that have taken place this term were our Christmas carol concert. We went to the church and sang our hearts out and we are all getting into the Christmas spirit at school. On the 15th of December we went to the pantomime to watch Peter Pan.

By Yusuf, Nazia and Gold

Created Friday 2nd December 2016

Welcome to 5B’s class blog over the past few weeks we have been learning and covering many different subjects including: History, PE and clubs.

In history we have been learning about the big fierce VIKINGS! We wrote about their homelands-Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We also made our models as part of our home learning

On Roald dahl day which was actually his 100th birthday -we were celebrating it for the first time here at GG. We also dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl character. Later on the day the school watched the BFG.

Our first trip in year 5 is to Kidzania and our second trip will be to a Career’s Event at a hotel in Russell Square. We will be going there to help prepare for our future careers.

By Ula and Christopher