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Hi my name is Foluso Odutuyo, our blog page will have information on the interesting things that we have been doing in class and also details of the fantastic trips that we go on. Our latest year group newsletter can be found under the News and Events page. There you will find the work we are planning to do this term.

Foluso Odutuyo

Our Blog:

Created Tuesday 24th January

Hi and welcome back to 5A’s class blog! We reckon you want to know what we’ve been up to. Sit back, relax and enjoy! Just before Autumn 1 finished, on Monday 10th October, GG hosted its very first on-site Careers Fair! It was AFW, our Application Focus Week and the theme was Aspirations. However, our focus was the Information Technology sector. This project provided us with great insight into the world of work and most importantly, it shed light on how the skills we use in school relate to that world. Did we mention that we had an impressive line-up of professionals from varying sectors? Yes! We had a lawyer from Tower Hamlet Council; an architect from Shepheard Epstein Hunter, an award-winning firm in Kings Cross; an accountant form Sky; a Space Engineer from Solar Orbitar; a paediatric therapist from Lewisham Hospital; a school nurse from Lewisham Council; train drivers from London Underground; game developers from King and our very own Eli who is an ICT Consultant.

See what some of us thought about it:

Shirley - “I learnt that I can be anything that I want to be because Mrs Odutuyo played a powerful message from a video. The message was that I do not get to decide how my life starts but I can decide how it ends. I will now do everything to make sure my life ends great.”
Emilio - “I found the process of making games very interesting. I enjoyed learning about the part coding plays in it.”
Carlos - “I had never thought about what I will like to be when I grow up but after today, I want to be a lawyer because I want to help people fight for justice.”
Mia - “This is an incredible experience and it just confirms that Grinling Gibbons is a great learning establishment! This is a day I will never forget!”

You will also be pleased to know that we worked really hard and created an app company which we called BoomApp. We designed a logo for this company and explored the concept of branding and enterprise. Before this AFW finished, we visited Kidzania, and also celebrated our learning and achievement with our parents and the local community through a Showcase event.

For more information on what we did during Aspirations AFW, please check out our display board in the school hallway. You will be pleased you did!

Class 5A

Created Monday 5th December 2016

It’s only the start of the year and we have surely had a great start! Believe us when we say everyday gives us the opportunity to make mind-blowing discoveries in our learning and the world around us.

The term started with the celebration of Roald Dahl Day. Did we hear you ask what Roald Dahl Day is?

Roald Dahl day is a day to celebrate the birthday of the world’s best children’s author, Roald Dahl. Here at Grinling Gibbons, it was our very first time of joining in this celebrations. On the day (13th September), we did many activities relating to this amazing author. Children and adults alike dressed up as their favourite Roald Dahl character from one of his books. Some of the costumes worn were homemade! We of course can’t forget to read. In addition, we also watched the BFG/Big Friendly Giant.

Rathfern vs GG!
After all the excitement of Roald Dahl Day, we completed a Rathfern vs GG Maths challenge. See some pictures showing us in action:


Previously, we have been studying the Vikings and their home life. Class 5a have been set homework about Scandinavia. Did you know that Scandinavia is made out of four different countries Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway?

Year 5a have many upcoming trips which are very educational and fun for children. On Tuesday, 18th October, we will be visiting Kidzania. Following this, on Thursday 21st October, Class 5a are going to go to a hotel in Russell Square. While there, we will be meeting many professionals from lots of different sectors.

We have many clubs running in our school that you will like. These clubs are football club, wheel club, code club and creative minds and much more.

Class 5A