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Hi my name is Cardella Bryce, our blog page will have information on the interesting things that we have been doing in class and also details of the fantastic trips that we go on. Our latest year group newsletter can be found under the News and Events page. There you will find the work we are planning to do this term.

Cardella Bryce

Our Blog:

Created Monday 16th January

Welcome back to 4B’s blog! We have sure missed you!

We have been extremely lucky to work alongside The Jimmy Mizen Foundation in helping to make our area a safer place. During the Jimmy Mizen workshop we went on 2 main trips, which were to Black Rock studios and the new Good Hope Café in Ladywell. In the café we had hot chocolate, a chocolate flake each, watched a short clip in their cinema room and did the Mannequin challenge! One of our best memories with them was being able to increase the number of Safe Havens in the local area and increase our confidence.

We went on a local walk along Deptford High Street. We were outraged to discover that there were only Churches and no other places of worship in the local area. This got us thinking because Deptford is a multicultural area, which embraces all races. We decided that we would write a letter of complaint to Lewisham Council to build other places of worship.

This half term we have been learning about:

  • Kennings poems – how to put adjectives, nouns and verbs together
  • Sound and Hearing – how far sound travels. We did an investigation on how far sound travels
  • Plurals and singulars and how words can change
  • Partitioning decimal and dividing by 10
  • Physical bullying – Our topic in Application Focus Week (AFW)
  • Perfecting our times tables through raps
  • Gymnastics in PE – duets combining different balances and stretches to make a routine
  • Trialled out the Bleep test. (We have a lot of soldiers in our class! lol)
  • Rounding to the nearest 1000
  • Different types of triangles and identifying angles
  • We explored lines of symmetry
  • Made comparisons between the traffic in the City and Countryside

It has been an extremely busy term. We will be finishing off the term with our Christmas Choir and Winter Fayre.

Have a lovely Christmas! See you after the winter break!

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4B Team

Created Friday 2nd December 2016

Welcome back to our page. We have lots to tell you about what we have done during October!

We had our first Application Focus Week (AFW), where our school theme was: Aspire to Inspire. We kick started our AFW by having our Stimulus Day. On Stimulus Day, we learnt about different types of jobs such as lawyers, aerospace engineers, accounting, nurses, tube drivers, game makers, architects and computer technicians. It was brilliant and inspiring because we learnt so much about other people’s jobs.

Our class focused on Accounting, Banking and Finance. We learnt about the importance of looking after your money and managing it. We found out that if you take out a loan and do not pay it in time, you will be in debt and the debt collectors (or bailiffs) will come to your house and take items that are equal to the amount you were supposed to pay for the loan. That sounded scary and we hope we won’t have the debt collectors knocking on our door!!
The difference between debit cards and credit cards are that debit cards take money from your own account (which has your own money in) and the credit card is where you borrow money from the bank that needs to be paid back. If you borrow money from the bank, it is actually taken from other people’s savings accounts, which is why it is important for people to pay it back.

For our enterprise idea we have chosen to sell fruit cups at playtime and after school to save money for our future trips, and open up a school savings account, so children can learn to save and understand money. Our fruit cups will be sold for 50p and you are welcome to come along and have a try!

Stay tuned and see you next time!

4B Team