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GG Open Mornings for New Parents

Created Tuesday 12th September

Download the flyer here.

Summer Fair 2017

Created Wednesday 12th July

Download the flyer here.

New Menu

Created Tuesday 20th June

Download the new lunch menu here.

Polling Day 8th June 2017

Created Thursday 28th April

Download letter here

GG B&W Ball 2017

Created Friday 24th January

Our B&W Ball pictures are now up. View the Gallery page to take a look.

Created Tuesday 31st January

Winter Fair 16th December

Created Thursday 15th December

Download flyer here.

Peter Pan

Created Thursday 15th December

Download flyer here.

Jeans for Genes

Created Thursday 15th December

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Created Thursday 15th December

Download certificate here.

Clyde Raising Boys course

Created Friday 21st October

Download the new lunch menu here.

New Menu

Created Thursday 20th October

Download the new lunch menu here.

Created Wednesday 28th September

Download letter here

Created Wednesday 21st September

Download full menu here

Created Thursday 15th September

Download letter here

Created Tuesday 19th July

Download full details here



Created Monday 4th July

Download full letter here.

Summer Fayre, Friday 8th July 2016

Created Friday 1st July

Download full flyer here.

'Chosen by you, given by us'

Created Thursday 21st April

Grinling Gibbons was selected by Asda in their 'Chosen by you, given by us' voting scheme.

We were chosen as runners up and will now appear on their Community Life board for a period of two months, alongside two other local good causes. Customers and colleagues were encouraged to vote for the charity they would like to receive a donation from the Asda Foundation. The winner received £200 and the two runners up received £50.

Safeguarding Logo Competition

Created Wednesday 13th April

Well done to the winners of the safeguarding logo competition! Temi in Year 1 won 1st place of £100, Fatim in Year 1 and Truc in Year 6 both won £50 each for second place. Prizes will be in the form of gift vouchers.

Meet the Federation’s School Advocates

Created Tuesday 29th March

Our new GGLV Federation Advocates have been chosen. Download full details here.

Polling Day – Grinling Gibbons closed Thursday 5 May 2016

Created Tuesday 29th March

PLEASE READ: Polling Day Thursday 5 May 2016 letter. You can download it here.

BEAM Tea Party

Created Tuesday 15th March

BelEve UK has worked with over 600 girls London wide, with a focus on working closely with schools on our BEAM (Beautiful Empowered and Me) Programme.

On Tuesday 8th March 2016 to celebrate International Women’s Day, BEAM held an Awards Tea Party at the Green man in Downham.

This event gave schools the opportunity to join the International Women’s Day celebration and nominate girls for awards in areas based around their achievements and positive personality traits. The objective of the afternoon was to raise aspirations, celebrate and acknowledge achievements of year4, 5 and 6 girls in Lewisham.

Nine of our girls were nominated and four won awards.

WE Day 2016

Created Monday 14th March

We took twelve children from year 5 and 6.
We Day is a powerful, life-changing event that combines the energy of a live concert with the inspiration of extraordinary stories of leadership and change.

We Day brings together world-renowned speakers and award-winning performers with tens of thousands of young people to celebrate their contributions and kick-start another year of change.
We Day has evolved from a single event nearly eight years ago into a series of 14 stadium-sized events held across Canada, the United States and the UK. This past year, 200,000 students attended We Day and left inspired to create change at local and global levels.

Sport Relief 2016

Created Monday 14th March

We are fundraising for this year's Sports Relief. Download a flyer here for full details.

Application Focus Week- Science

Created Tuesday 8th March

Download flyer here for full details.

Grinling Gibbon's Winter Ball

Created Friday 5th February

Parent Volunteers needed!! Download flyer here.

Pancake Day

Created Friday 5th February

Download flyer here.

Lunchtime Menu

Created Thursday 12th January

Download flyer here.

Favourites Day - 21st January

Created Thursday 12th January

Download flyer here.

Addey and Stanhope Leadership Project

Created Friday 12th December

On Tuesday 29 September ten children from Grinling Gibbons and ten from Lucas Vale took part in a dance project at Addey and Stanhope School.

This was after school each week with a final amazing performance on the 8 December 2015 at Addey’s which was a ticketed evening event.

Fudraising Success!

Created Thursday 11th December

Children from Grinling Gibbons went to Asda in Old Kent Road on the 7 December to help customers to pack their shopping bags. They raised £255 which will go towards the restoration of our steel pans!

Panto: Red Riding Hood

Created Monday 23rd November

You can download flyer here.

Winter Fayre

Created Monday 23rd November

You can download flyer here.

Children in Need 2015

Created Friday 20th November

A big THANK YOU to all parents, carers, friends and teachers who helped to support this worthy cause - Children In Need. We raised a grand total of £668.88. Thank you for your continued support in helping us to make a difference in children’s lives.

School Advocates meet the Mayor

Created Friday 20th November

School Advocates went to meet the Mayor of Lewisham 6 November 2015.

Click the link below to view the gallery.

Young Mathematician Award 2015

Created Thursday 19th November

Academically Gifted and Talented children attended the Young Mathematician Award 2015 competition at Explore Learning Centre in Sydenham.

They have completed Round 1 on the 10th November. If successful they will progress to the next round which will be on the 25th November. We wish them all the best!!!

Click the link below to view the gallery.

New Lunchtime Menu

Created Wednesday 21st October

Download full menu here.

New Christmas Menu

Created Thursday 12th November

Download full menu here.

Careers Day

Created Thursday 5th September

On Friday 23rd October 2015, the Grinling Gibbons and Lucas Vale Federation held its ‘Careers Day’ event at Deptford Green Secondary School.

Objectives for the day included:

  • Students to gain insight into career options
  • Students to begin to understand the difference between having a job, a career and a profession.
  • University? Vocation pathway? Apprenticeship? – Students to have awareness of a range of opportunities and the different routes and life skills needed to realise their chosen career; and
  • Most specifically, across the day, to involve the students in a process that would help them to develop a platform for their future success by embracing the value of ‘learning is for life’

Reach Society worked with the Federation to design, develop and roll out this extra-ordinary event for over four hundred students. Reach Society provided a cohort of almost 30 professionals comprising role models, exhibitors and leaders of themed workshops!

Role Models (background)

  • Law
  • Music
  • Medicine
  • Company Secretary
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • London Underground
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Fire Service

Exhibitors (background)

  • Banking
  • Services suppliers
  • Energy suppliers
  • Skills training
  • IT
  • Business Consultancy
  • Support Systems


  • Understanding work, profession and career
  • Pathways to success via the workplace
  • Why are life skills necessary?

Concluding the day, more than 450 comments were provided by the young people aged 10 and 11 years, from four primary schools (Grinling Gibbons, Lucas Vale, Adamsrill and Deptford Park).

The young people were invited to provide feedback in a few key areas such as what they enjoyed and did not enjoy; what they learnt, whether the experience made them think about their future; and would they recommend the day to others.

The vast majority of young people (96%) indicated that they would recommend the day; whereas fewer than one in 20 (4%) would not.

Similarly, the vast majority of the young people (94%) stated that the experience made them think about their future; whereas slightly more than one in 20 (6%) were not moved to think about their future.

Of the nominal 450 comments slightly less than one in three (31%) of the comments was about “things enjoyed on the day”; slightly more than one in four (27%) of them was about “things learnt on the day”; and one in four (25%) of them was about “things least enjoyed on the day.”

Click the link below to view the gallery.

New Lunchtime Menu

Created Wednesday 21st October

Download full menu here.

Open Day- 4th November 9am - 10:45am

Created Wednesday 30th September

Download full details here

Acting Head of School Welcome Letter

Created Tuesday 22nd September

Download welcome letter here

Grinling Gibbon's Steel Pan Performance

Created Monday 6th July

Grinling Gibbons were invited to play Steel Pans at the grand opening of Asda’s new store in Deptford High Street. The children inspired members of the community to dance and sing to the well-known tunes that were played.
Click on the image to watch a video and, as per usual, there is a link to open the gallery below.

Young Mayor's Visit

Created Thursday 25th June

On Saturday 25 April a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, ruining lives and destroying infrastructure. Over 7,800 people are reported to have died and over 17,800 people were injured. This huge earthquake was followed by more than 60 aftershocks, which toppled homes and schools, forcing thousands of families into open spaces and temporary camps. A second major earthquake struck Nepal on 12 May, just two weeks after a devastating quake left nearly 8,000 people dead and 3 million children in danger. At least 65 people have been killed and 1,200 injured as a result.

Grinling Gibbons Primary School was moved by this tragedy and contacted the Young Mayor’s office at (Lewisham Council) about their idea to send two barrels to Nepal. The school community filled the barrels within two days and thanks to the Young Mayor they agreed to ship the barrels to Nepal.

The Young Mayor came to Grinling Gibbons on Friday 25th June 2015 with some of his advisors and the pictures shown are of the Young Mayor, his advisors, the school advocates, Mrs Eubank OBE (Executive Headteacher) and Mrs Bishop (organiser, Community Cohesion Behaviour Family Liaison Officer).

Dress Up and Dance

Created Tuesday 16th June

On the 12 June Grinling Gibbons dressed up and danced in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Pupils, Staff and Parents rehearsed a specially choreographed routine to the popular Cheerleader song. Well done to everyone that took part and raised £188.95! Click on the image to watch a video and, as per usual, there is a link to open the gallery below.

GG Fitness

Created Friday 1st May

Fitness classes are starting at GG. Download flyer here.

CAB Workshop: 28th April - 12th May 2015

Created Monday 27th April

Download full details here

Thanks for the Support

Created Tuesday 17th March

Our Red Nose Day was a great success! Download full details here

Coming Soon

PLEASE READ: Polling Day Thursday 7th May 2015

Created Tuesday 17th March

Download letter here.

Red Nose Day, Friday 13th March

Created Tuesday 3rd March

Do something funny for money! Download full details here

Year 4 and the Jimmy Mizen Foundation Collaborate

Created Tuesday 24th February

Year 4 are working with the Jimmy Mizen Foundation on a project that will last until the summer. So far in the sessions, the children have worked on awareness, team building and confidence, trust and communication.

Margaret Mizen:

“We’re delighted to have launched our schools programme this year with you – we hope that it enables your pupils to make their community safer, and join us in building a legacy of peace in Jimmy’s memory.”

Student Wins the DECC Poster Competition

Created Wednesday 11th February

Well done Shbana for winning the Department of Energy and Climate Change poster competition.

The students had to create a poster about how to save energy. Shbana was short listed and attended City Hall for a lunch reception. Out of 100 schools entered Shbana won the 11-14 years old category.

GG Winter Ball- 'Disney on Ice'. Friday 13th February 2015

Created Friday 6th February

Tickets £3. Ice Rink, fancy dress and MORE! Download full details here.

Adocates Meet The Mayor

Created Tuesday 20th January 2015

On Friday 16th January 2015 our Senior School Advocates visited the Civic Suite to meet the Mayor and the Young Mayor. They found it very interesting. Download full article here.

Grinling Gibbons is ranked top state primary in England

Created Monday 8th December

The Sunday Times named the inner city primary school Grinling Gibbons as the highest ranking of any state school since the survey began 22 years ago. At Grinling Gibbons 40.5 per cent of students receive free school meals, whilst 48.3 per cent of children have English as their second language. The Independent, State and Academies Schools tables were published on November 14.

Overall, the school appears fourth in the table with only three private schools above it.
Click here to view Combined ranking table.
Click here to view State ranking table.

Mayor of Lewisham Sir Steve Bullock said: “Cynthia Eubank, executive head-teacher and her leadership team have done so much to transform the lives of children at Grinling Gibbons. Their ceaseless dedication and passion for giving their pupils the very best in education is exemplary… We are very fortunate to have such high calibre and committed educators in our borough.

Eubank said: “As a school we are very proud as Lewisham authority have been very supportive in helping with school improvements. We are very proud for everyone and there are lots of schools around us that are working hard too. It’s an achievement for me, for the people who have contributed towards the continued improvement of the school and the parents who have supported and worked with us in their many ways. It is an achievement that we are very proud of.”

Last year the school decided to teach English as a foreign language, leading to an 86 per cent pass rate for English writing. The school has successfully received top marks in Maths and English grammar. Every 11-year-old at the school scored a level 5 in SATs, which is the expected level for 13-year-olds in English grammar.

The Sunday Times takes into consideration exam results from across school years to form the table, analysing over 2,000 state and independent schools.

Grinling Gibbons says it has a “creative curriculum designed to encourage [its] children to be life-long learners”. Eubank puts the school’s successful high level 5 attainment down to “the core skills of leadership, resilience, positive attitude, risk taking, innovation, collaboration and communication”. She told the Daily Mail that “hiring staff suitable for the style of teaching necessary for the standards of Grinling Gibbons was a challenge”.

"Grinling Gibbons primary school in Deptford is ranked 4th in Sunday Times league they teach yoga, philosophy & swimming to help kids learn".Martin Robinson (@SurrealAnarchy) November 16, 2014

Linda Vard from Deptford, a parent of a Year 3 pupil said: “I definitely agree with the rating. My eight-year-old daughter is learning things that I was not learning at that age and her writing and reading is good. The teachers look at the children’s personal needs and all kids get support and are pushed more. She really enjoys yoga too”.

Kemi Alaalade from Lewisham has two children at Grinling Gibbons in Year 1 and Year 3b. She said: “The teachers have a passion for what they’re doing”.

Kim Carrington from Lewisham said: ‘Schools depend on teachers. The teachers here are good and have help kids improve their work with spelling and reading”.

On the school’s website, it says it “strives for the highest possible standards [and] looks for the best in each child”.

It was rated as an “outstanding” school by Ofsted in its last inspection in 2010 and this year performed well in tables commissioned by the Department for Education.

Text courtesy of eastlondonlines.co.uk

Image by Emma Henderson

E-Safety Workshop Wednesday 10th December 2014

Created Monday 8th December

EVERY parent should attend. Download full details here.

Winter Fayre. Friday 12.12.14, 3pm - 5pm

Created Wednesday 3rd December

Our exciting Winter Fayre is taking place on Friday the 12th December. Volunteers needed!
Download poster here.

International Recipe Book and Cover Competition

Created Wednesday 3rd December

We are putting all our fantastic recipes into one book. Children, we need you to design the cover. Download further details here.

Stimulus Day Friday 28.11.14, 8:30am - 2:40pm

Created Tuesday 25th November

To tie in with Application Focus Week we are having a day of fun filled learning activities, but Parents, we need your help. Download flyer here.


Created Thursday 20th November

This year we will be going to see JACK AND THE BEAN STALK at the Greenwich Theatre. Tickets go on sale the week commencing 24th November.

Grining Gibbons supported Children in Need on Friday 15th November

Created Tuesday 18th November

The children and staff paid £1 and came dressed in a super hero theme. Thank you to all the parents, children and staff who supported this wonderful cause - at the last count we had raised £571.12 for Children in Need!

Children In Need 2014

Created Wednesday 13th November

On the 5th November 2014 the school advocates led a whole school assembly. A surprise visitor came to visit the children and also to hear about their fundraising activities for ‘Children in Need’ 2014

Grinling Gibbons Coffee Morning. Every Tuesday 8.30am - 9.30am

Created Wednesday 5th November

Parents and Carers we want you! There is so much for you to get involved in..
Download more information here.

World War I Special Rememberance Menu at Grinling Gibbons- 11th Nov 2014

Created Friday 24th October

Download full menu here.

Bonfire Night Menu at Grinling Gibbons Wednesday 5th Nov 2014

Created Friday 24th October

Download full menu here.

International Evening at Grinling Gibbons Friday 17th Oct 2014: 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Created Tuesday 14th October

Come celebrate with us and bring your national dish. Download details here.

Feastival Day Menu on Thursday 2nd October

Created Monday 29th September

We will be serving a special Feastival Day menu. Download the full menu here.

Grinling Gibbons Summer Fayre 18th July 3.00pm - 6.00pm

Created Tuesday 24th June

You can download our poster here.

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PLEASE READ: Polling Day Letter

Download here

Congratulations! We have three new Parent Governors!

Created Tuesday 25th April

Our three new Parent Governors are:

  • Sharifa Marshal- Grinling Gibbons
  • Amanda Martin- Grinling Gibbons
  • Rochelle George- Lucas Vale

Thank you for your votes.

Congratulations Cynthia!

Created Tuesday 11th March

Our wonderful Executive Headteacher, Cynthia Eubank, has been given an OBE for her services to education. We are so proud and excited to have such an accomplished person leading our school. Please join us in congratulating her on achieving this outstanding success!

Welcome to our website!

Created Thursday 18th September

Our new website is finally up and running and we are very excited about it.  We hope you enjoy navigating it.  It is currently a work in progress as we gradually gather all the differing elements that we need to make it as complete as possible.  This is where you will find all the news about the fun activities and events that we will engage in as the academic year progresses!