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Meet the Governors

The GGLV Federation Governing Body is made up of parents, staff and community members and we represent various walks of life and come from differing backgrounds.

 The thing we all have in common is a passion that our children should have an outstanding education.

Our Governors are:

Brian Lymbery
Barbara Smith
Lorraine Eyers
Joyce Greene
Cath Bennett
Annette Turner
Victor Mekuleyi
Sharifa Marshal
Sekinat Okunade
Cardella Bryce
Jeanette Brumby

To view the attendance for the 16/17 academic year, please click here.

To view the register of interests of our Federation Governing Body, please click here.

What do we do?

We have formal commitments like attending meetings and visiting the school but we also work to support the school in other ways.  For example we might build a relationship with a particular set of children by visiting their class or accompanying them on school trips.  If we have a particular expertise the school staff might ask us to support them - for example acting as an extra check during a health and safety audit if this is a task you undertake in your own place of work.
Overall our objective is to both support the schools - remembering to say well done and thank you for all the hard work that goes on, and to challenge the schools to maintain the very high standards that they have already.
We all really enjoy the work and are extremely proud to be part of the Grinling Gibbons and Lucas Vale Federation.
If you would like to know more then please click here to visit the Lewisham Education website

New Governor Induction

When you become a governor at the GGLV Federation the Chair of Governors will contact you.

The Chair will invite you to meet at the schools and two children will give you and the Chair a guided tour of the schools.  As this often involves walking between the two sites it is an opportunity for you to ask questions and follow up anything you are unsure about.

We will ask you to attend the next Full Governing Body meeting and you will then be asked to join at least one of the two committees – Resources (covering finance, premises and personnel) or Teaching and Learning.  If you are not sure where your interest is likely to be you can attend both as an observer before being appointed to one of them.  You can be on both if you would like to be.

You will also be asked to become a link governor; usually this is linking to a year group or a specific curriculum subject such as Maths or English.  It is expected that you will then visit the schools once a term in your capacity as a link governor.  Typically if you are a subject link you will meet with a member of staff, maybe have a tour of the school or observe a lesson related to your area.  If you are a year group link governor you will meet a member of staff and the appropriate classes.  We then ask you to write a short report so that all governors can be informed.   (We can work through this with you if you like!)

To help with these visits there is a protocol and sets of questions available.

It may be that you have done something like this before and are used to the way that committees work but it can be a bit daunting so don’t expect to understand everything all at once.  We try to keep our business to essentials only and really focus on what is important to our two schools.  If you would like someone to guide you through the processes a more experienced governor will be asked to become your ‘buddy’ and work with you.
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