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Application Focus Week (AFW)

Application focus week is a fortnight where the children apply skills that they have been taught over the four skills weeks. The application focus weeks are linked to a theme which the whole school complete. The children work in groups of six and produce work of choice cross curricular. Staff support the children through questioning or modelling if the children need extra support. After the AFW is over there is a display or book made of the work produced and at times an assembly.


Healthy Schools- 9 May 2015

It is that exciting time again AFW. The focus for this fortnight will be Healthy Schools. We will have Wake up Shake up running every morning in the playground and Zumba will be taking place in the playground on Fridays at 2:15pm for the parents. The children will have an opportunity to take part in circuit training.

Another feature that will take place is the stop, drop and wellbeing relaxation for 10 minutes at the end of each day. There will be an opportunity to ride the school bikes in the playground.

This AFW will give the children an opportunity to explore healthy ways of eating as well focusing on the importance of exercising but also positive thinking and having a healthy mind.


The second AFW week will start on 11 March and the subject will be Science.

We have special events occurring, please click here for full details.


British Science Week 2016

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British Science AFW -
Team Tim

British Science AFW -
Science Fair


Mathematics 8 February

Application Focus Week will be split into 2 different weeks. The first week will be focused on the maths curriculum. The children will be playing different maths games, activities and investigations across the week. If you would like to come in and support your child please let their class teacher know.


British Values Autumn 2015

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British Values AFW -
International Responsibility

British Values AFW -
World Tolerance